Why do no girls ask me out, am I ugly or just awkard?

i find myself always being chatted up or approached for sex by gay or bisexual men, i seem to be quite popular with gay men, but not women.

is this weird? but yet no females my age have never asked me out, and i barely get noticed or looked at by the opposite sex.
they kind of scorn me.

i dont mind mean or nasty comments, aslong as their constructive criticism. be honest why you think this is.

worse thing about it, i'm not even gay, im straight.


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  • 1. Girls think you're gay
    2. The girls around you aren't comfortable asking out a guy
    3. You're shy and awkward making you unnaproachable

    Could be one or a combination of these things


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  • Honestly, I couldn't tell you. Girls feel like they should be the one being approached, I don't know why, as I see it working both ways. As for the male situation, maybe you're appealing to the male crowed, it doesn't make you gay or anything, guys are normally straight forward with what they want after all... lol

  • Girls are usually the ones waiting for the guys to ask them out.

  • May be the girls think you're gay?😕

  • Maybe you are giving gay guys a look like you are attracted to them without realising you do it. Or else they are just bold enough to try asking you out. Girls dont often approach guys to ask them out - society seems to groomus that the women dress up to make themselves attractive and the guy does the pursuing. I dont think thats right but it happems. So you probably need to do the approaching - I suggest catching a girls eye and after holding her gaze for a few seconds then smile (or if she smiles first then smile back). If she smiles at you then she finds you physically attractive so go talk to her - just small talk - think of it as just getting to know her a bit rather than trying to pick her up.

    • how do you start the conversation going? i've done that once and wrecked it. but i didn't smile. i just went up to the girl rudely and the first thing i done and said was asked her out like it was a cia interrogation or something.

      it was like 2 minutes of me saying who i was, then me getting getting nervous and walking off.

      it was a epic failure, i don't think i'll have the confidence to that again, i hate the fear of getting rejection.

    • Yeah you can't just walk up and ask her out. Establish eye contact and smiles first from a distance - this hones your efforts in the girls that are physically attracted to you. A smile, even if it is followed by a blush and look downwards means she will most likely welcom your approach rather than be surprised & think 'who the heck is this?'. Then start with small talk - girls like guys that want to get to know their personality but if your first question is asking her out then she will think you are only wanting to go out with her because she is physically appealing so you must just want sex. Small talk - hi, how are u? I think this band is great, dont you? After a few questions u can throw in a compliment - about her hair or what she is wearing as girls spend a lot of time to get these looking right and it means you are validating choices she has made (dont compliment breasts, etc). After finding out more about her u can tell her u think she is great and you'd like to see her again.

    • Dont let one bad experience stop u from trying - trywhat I said.

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  • dude i assume you're into rock music... so try to find a rock chick... i guess they'd like you ;-)

    • no don't be fooled, that guitar is just me trying to look cool to PULL Girls. guitar is a ambition of mine, i'm not there yet. i sometimes listen to rock music, but i prefer mostly pop and hip hop.

  • Women don't approach men, so if you are going to get approached by anyone it is going to be men.

    You need to be the one to approach women. They are too cowardly to do it.

  • ... LMFAO.

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