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i am smart, hard working, sharp, honest but maybe a little serious at times. i am extremely selfless and caring and sometimes i forget about myself. i lovveee food but i am not fat. i have some self esteem issues nothing serious though. i love animals and am a very chatty person if i know you. if i dont know you that well i won't really talk too much, i am a goofy fun loving person and i joke all the timee. my strengths would be how hardworking, caring, selfless, honest, and dependable i am. my weaknesses would be i have difficulty relaxing sometimes, i need to improve time management and probably remember that im a person to not a robot. i could also work on being more fair towards myself and not blaming myself for all of my shortcomings. i am a busy person, im young, im happy, and i love my life. i just work a bit too much at times and i never have days off. maybe once every 2-4 weeks.

i can resort to smart ass sarcastic tendencies if i am really unhappy with my work life to be honest but right now i am happy


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  • Narcissistic/10

    • oh shut up im really not...

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    • hahaha ehhh ok thank you

    • really though dont call narcissitic because im not

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  • As long as you're not saving yourself till marriage, and you're not a hardcore fan of some religion... that's fine with me

  • Lol I liked the twist


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