Girls, rate my body?

I know it sounds weird, but I just want an honest assessment of where I stand. Rate my body on a 1-10 scale (1 being worst 10 being best) using this pic. Everything else will be covered up by a bathing suit, but my upper body wouldn't so I wouldn't some honest opinions :/

https://s1378. photobucket. com/user/slimish/media/20150210_1534032_zp s551b9d69 . jpg. html

remove the space between the "." and "photobucket" remove the space between "69" and "." Finally remove the space between "_zp" and "s55" the link should work

Also give me something that I should improve on.

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Regarding the poll 1-2 is the worst 9-10 is the best. Be honest though
The link is in my profile if the one provided doesn't work. There are no spaces to remove just copy and paste that one


Most Helpful Girl

  • Going off that very zoomed in photo of your torso 5/6.

    It looks thin, but not fit. If you hit the gym hard though I'm sure the rating would go up.

    • Alright, fair enough

    • I'm sure a full body picture would also raise your score. The face and limbs and stuff are kind of important lol :)

    • I can give a description I suppose. My arms are skinny and I'm a skinny person in general. I carry any body fat I have in my thighs and butt mostly, which is actually a healthy place to carry it apparently. I don't have a ton of muscle.

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  • umm not working...

  • Can't find the link...

  • You body is fine, though some more muscle wouldn't hurt.

    • Yeah, I should probably gain some muscle. Easier typed than done though :/

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    • Ohh never mind then. You looked fine, but maybe I couldn't tell.

    • Well, it is only a small snapshot I suppose. I know I'm skinny but I'm not that concerned about it

  • If you were to gain some muscles, it would help shape your body.

    • aight, be sure to vote and I will look into that. I've always been skinny :/

    • Which is perfectly fine! but having muscle promotes better health and a better quality of life :) and you'll look like a Spartan for the ladies :)

What Guys Said 4

  • it says you have deleted it...

  • where's your body brother?

  • Your 20? More like 12

    • I'm 17, I don't give my real DOB on websites. I don't know why you think I'm 12 but I don't really care too much. I'm more interested in what girls have to think anyways dude

    • 17? Still not believable lol

    • Great, I really don't care what you think dude... -___-

  • Pic doesn't work.