GIRLS, I need your take on something concerning my appearance?

I know a lot about fitness and diet and how you are supposed to be healthy. That being said, I don't necessarily practice what I preach. I don't exercise and don't have the best diet in the world. It isn't the worst diet either. I've never cared much how my body looks, but I don't have a lot of luck with women and I am wondering if that has something to do with my body. So my question to you, and be honest about this, is whether or not you would automatically rule someone out because of there body if it looked like this

Be honest. If my body is the problem I'd like to know so i can improve it. If I have no idea what the problem is I can't very well fix it :/

Oh and by the way you'll have to remove the spaces in the link. There are three of them I think

Go by that and also this description when answering my question

Skinny, not a lot of muscle. Not a lot of fat either. Strong enough. Most fat stored in thighs and butt. According to doctor, healthy though underweight

And please vote honestly. Everyone has a different preference and different standards. I'm curious to know yours

  • I would date someone even if they had a body like the one in the picture and description (see description and picture before voting)
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  • I wouldn't date someone if they had a body like the one in the picture and description above (see description and pic before voting)
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  • Yeah that is pretty skinny. I would recommend starting simple in terms of exercise, maybe do 20 pushups a day if you can manage and the same number of crunches. Also you're gonna have to start eating more if you want to gain mass but you want to make sure it's healthy and not a lot of fat. Complex carbs will give you energy, protein builds the muscle mass. As much as guys like big arms you should really focus on your core first, chest/back/abs. Once you have some more meat on your bones then work specifically on arms.


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  • Some girls actually prefer skinnier guys, you're not that skinny. Just non-muscly, tho I see hints of your abs.


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  • I know your asking for a girls opinion, and I'm sorry if I sound like an ass. But I've been skinny before and it sucks compared to weighing more and being in shape.
    You look weak, and no girl wants to date a weak man, it's just unattractive, plus they like to feel like you can defend yourself and them.
    All you need to do is exercise and eat more. You'll look better, feel better, and be more confident.

    • No, you don't sound like an ass. I've had comments from asses on line before and they are a heck of a lot ruder. And being skinny does suck, I agree with you there.

    • Ya and unfortunately gaining weight is extremely hard when your used to eating like a skinny guy. You pretty much have to force feed yourself. Best of luck!

    • thanks dude

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