Does asking for people to rate you change anything?

I mean so many people are asking for ratings on how they look, but ultimately does it change anything? It's not going to change the way you look or the way others see you.


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  • it's for fun mostly... relax :-P

  • For me it was should I waste my time finding someone romantically or just get things for a solo person. I'm deciding if I'm not attractive, I'm gonna get a Camero. Reason being is that I wouldn't need a family car if no one is gonna take me, might as well have fun with life.

    • My dad had a camero when he was younger, when I couldn't sleep he'd take me in the car and just drive. I'd fall asleep.

    • This makes no sense ! it's not because you think you're not good looking that you won't find someone that will love you and want to spend the rest of their life with you ! There isn't just looks ! I mean yes it's easier to find someone with good looks but who you are matters too ! And getting ratings from people that have never seen you and just saw a picture does not really define how good you look? does it? If people that consider themselves 'ugly' were not able to find someone then the human species would go extinct !

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