Am I good looking?

Im homeschooled and my parents are WAY to over protective, they bearly EVER let me out of the house.
Just wondering if im good looking and have a chance with someone?


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  • yes, you look good, but you only have a chance with someone if you get out of the house and approach people.

    • thanks I do go to the skatepark but not too often, esp when thers 4ft of snow on the ground. -_-

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    • I have tried online, sucked, I was with the best girl i nthe world for 9 months, everything was perfect, and all of a sudden she leaves without saying bye. :( I do get out but not as much as I would like, this summer gonna be dif tho.

    • That's ok xD
      If she only disappeared, because you wanted to see her, it's possible that she was just a catfish... :/
      Yeah ok, I was just suggesting things you could do until summer begins :)

  • You gotta get out there and meet people. Not because you're good looking.


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  • you're hiding your hircut... why? :-P