Question for fitness people out there (I sure as heck don't know)?

So I've always been really skinny. I've always been healthy, flat stomach, etcetera. I haven't been working out recently though, and my diet hasn't been great either. Anyways, I didn't notice this until recently when i was trying on my swimwear, but I noticed that my lower belly kind of sticks out. I tried standing up straighter and adjusting my posture, but it still sticks out. Kind of irritating, and I want to look good in my swimsuit. What is it/what can I do. Thanks

my upper belly is flat (squishy but flat) but my lower belly sticks out, which is weird


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  • I was wondering the same thing so i looked it up online. Turns out It 's the lower abs that are causing the trouble. I found a web site that might help:

    • F***, it requires exercise. I'd rather just let it hang out

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  • Stop eating chocolate and chips and join a gym.

    • Naw, no gyms. Too expensive. Can I just do exercises at home to fix it?

    • Yeah lift weights and run.
      Pull ups/planks and press ups are awesome if you get good at them

    • okay

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