Guys: What's you're take on freckles?

Guys: I have a lot of freckles and my face, arms and shoulders. In the summer they are very dark and in the winter, they are still noticeable but from a distance you can't see them very well. I have red/auburn colored hair, fair skin and eyes that change from dark brown to a bright green. I try to cover them up but what is ur take on them? Do guys like/dislike or feel indifferent about them?


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  • I am pale. My eyes are Hazel/Green.
    I don't have that many freckles on my face, most of them have gone. My arms are covered in them.
    Where the sun gets me, I get freckles.

    So, we have something in common, no doubt.

    Pale girls > Tanned Girls.

    Red heads are cool too. Idgas about hair color ­čśé

    Most girls I know dye their hair all the time lmao ­čśë


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  • Every guy has his own likes and dislikes which means that there are guys who absolutely love freckles on girls. I know a few former classmates of mine who love freckles on girls. And there are many more just like them. So you got nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

  • i don't give a damn about them you know... :-P

  • freckles can look good. you shouldn't feel the need to cover them. :)

  • If you were my girl and my age, I'd give you a kiss for every freckle.


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