What is the deal with breast sizes?

So many people make fun of me because I wear a "B" cup. (It does not bother me to openly admit that either.) Why do you care? Is it because to a man they are another extension they can just grab and use for their pleasure in bed? Is it some sort of defense to other women? ("Hey! My boobs are bigger than yours!") Should I care? Plus what is with people and naked bodies. (Personally I believe that the less clothes one is wearing the uglier they seem to get. Men do not always follow this trend but with women it's either you have on your bra and underwear and you look sexy or you have on all your clothes and you still look sexy. Anywhere between the two is something I DO NOT WANT TO SEE.)

  • I like big boobs and I can't deny!
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  • Boobs are nice.
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  • My Breasts are my own.
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  • Why do I care again?
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  • NO TOUCHING. *Hey you! Back the hell up hoe.*
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  • It's similar with men in regards to penis sizes. Women may be insecure about their breast size, but men's insecurity are worse when it comes to penis size.


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  • People make fun of strangers because they are trying to feel better about themselves and their insecurities.

    Side note: a lot of women wear the wrong size due to stores falling to carry bras with bands smaller than 32 and cups larger than DD when many women actually need them. Check out www.brasizecalculator.tk if you're interested.

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