Do You Like Long Torsos?

Usually, when this question is asked, it's with the connotation of a long torso with short legs. Obviously, most would say "no" and opt for longer legs.
However, a lot of my guy friends have told me that they do indeed like long torso as long as the legs are not short/normal. They said that longer torsos on women are more elegant, classy, and better for doggy style. (LOL)
I am wondering if I may please have your opinion on whether you like longer torsos or not.
Thanks everyone!
Below are links to a few photos of celebs with longer torsos to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.
by the way, this is just out of curiosity because of my discussion with friends and photo creds to owner :)

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  • No, I don't like long torsos
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  • Indifferent, I don't care about proportions in S. O.
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  • Never really gave it any thought...
    Doesn't change anything in terms of attractiveness.
    It just comes down to personal preference.


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