Based on looks would you date with me?

Just wanted to know if I needed to focus on my personality. I want an honest opinion. Could someone be attracted to my looks or do I have to focus her attention on my other attributes. I'm a honest guy and feel I will make a wonderful boyfriend but have self esteem issues when it comes to looks. Do I have my looks to overcome or have nothing to worry about. If I knew a girl would be willing to be honest I would at least feel more prepared for what I need to work on. Fyi this isn't the picture of me I'm actually better looking in person.


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  • You look fine, someone could be attracted to your looks.

    • So if I try to spend time with someone more often they could end up liking me? Or would it have to try to convince them to like me.

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    • Thanjs for MHO

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  • errr no i'm not into guys :-P