It sounds like im very confident in who I am as a Sissy but I 've never been told yes or no?

Hi Everyone,

I've been aa Sissy Transvestite since I was born and first went out in public dressed up like a girl at 13. I've always dressed in public according to my real age but i had been hiding my true feelings, true face and my true personality for years. I dont know about all of you but i hate liars and phony people who finally show there one real true face long after they have ripped you off, lied about everything and sometimes turned out to be a mean sociopath or worse?

So here i am hoping I'm not the worst in the public's eyes as I'm a very sweet caring thoughtful generous and very loyal loving friend. I'm told most always when I'm out in public that I look adorable and that I'm the cutest Sissy they have ever seen, i know probably the only one in public haha. But i do take a lot of pride in my appearance to look as pretty as I possibly can.

So I really need to verify and know what all of you think about me being so visible and honest about who i am and my being dressed like a little 3-4 year old girl in public while out shopping like at The Mall or ar Walmart. Im not trying to shock anyone and im fully dressed and very nicely in clean many times brand new Sissy Dresses and i act and conduct myself as a very proper little Sissy Girl Transvestite should with Grace and poise.

Are you the public ok with me or am i the best new gossip.


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  • It's something that would definitely catch the public's eyes. Not to be mean, but if I saw you in public, I'd probably do a double take.

  • I personally don't care.


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