People say I look older than I am. Are there any advantages/ positives to this?

So far I haven't found any. Even when I was younger people always thought I was older. Can anyone name some positives to this? I just feel like it's a negative like people think I look old :P


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  • Looking older might make people treat you more like an adult. If you like being seen as an adult that's your benefit. I like wearing a suit or a buttoned shirt with pants because it makes people see me as an adult which makes me feel better about myself.


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  • uload a pic so we can tell if you look older or nor.

    and by the way, looking older is NEVER good. you do sth wrong if it happens

    • -_- "looking older is never good" thanks a lot.

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  • It means your look more mature ☺️.

    • I guess :P
      Haha thanks

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    • Yes 👶. Due to my baby face I ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt.

    • Lucky :P

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