Would a girl like her notice a guy like me?

I know I'm only 15, but c'mon, I'm curious, so let's get started. Me, I'm a dark guy, not skin (I like being by myself, or with one other person, antisocial, and a bit of a tree-hugger), quiet, I have a bit bushy eyebrows (No uni brow, not close), I have really curly hair, poofy, big, a medium sized nose, and I only smile when I'm with someone I know or enjoy being around, other than that, completely expressionless, not angry looking or anything. What else? Nationality? I'm French, and I originated from Armenia... My style... pretty standard, at least for me because I couldn't care less. It's a Zip-Up hoodie (Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin) and the hood is usually on at school (The dark side of me, being isolated), I wear band shirts (Zeppelin, Floyd, Skynyrd etc.) all the time, baggy jeans (Normal Levis, nothing special, not sagging at all but coveres the sock portion of my shoe...) and I wear black Vans with a brown border (I used to skateboard a lot). (Side Note:I don't have braces, I used to, so my teeth are nice.)
Now her, I can't say much because I know nothing about her, name, classes etc. Nothing. She is very quiet/dark, usually alone (She has one good friend I see her with sometimes), long straight blonde hair that covers her face if you look at her from the side (Not on her face), very covered up (Clothes) which I like, I don't like the loose tiny clothes style, and she's taller than me, so I don't know if that helps me at all. She's thin, I'm not really into the big ass/boobs or I don't focus on it, for example, a flat chest would not bother me at all. Now that I said she was taller (I like taller girls/women) I am 1.7 m or 5.7 ft for those that are used to the Imperial system. Just to be clear, she's not that much taller than me, the only reason I think that is because the only time I've been closer to her, she was wearing heels. (N: She has the same class, different period) Now to be clear, I've never talked to her or interacted, would she notice me?

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Update: She is actually not taller than me, she is about the same height, maybe in teeny tiny bit taller like a few centimeters.


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  • Approach her, I've been in your shoes on two noted occasions and the one I regret is not making the step up. As for does she notice you? Likely not being antisocial, but at the same time she may have. As you are both antisocial and you definitely noticed her your obligated to A) approach her and B) tell me how it went. And even if you strike out at least you know, better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

    Here's the best reason why you should. if she says no you don't have a date, but that's exactly where you stand now. She says yes you have a date, then just take her someplace exciting or even just share bands on your phone/iPad/ etc.

    • But I don't want a relationship in High School, I'd rather just wait until I'm in my 20s. I've always thought of it as a waste of time.

    • If you don't want a relationship then why would you care whether she notices you or not? @QA

    • Curiosity, It's just I would like to know if such a beautiful girl would even notice me.