On American tv, why are sometimes letters and graphics back to front?

damn, i am curious about what it is!!!


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  • Be more explicit, please.

    • Why not post a picture or a link to a picture?

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    • sr mister jacquesvol, my aim wasn't to be bad. sometimes it irks me when i see it so i used strong language

    • It's OK :-)

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  • It's because when people post videos of shows on YouTube, it's sometimes backwards. It's not actually like that on Tv

  • Uh... can you give an example?

    • cause gag doesn't allow me to share links yet, just click ''Ellen DeGeneres on Steve Harvey Show'' on YouTube and you'll see what my question is about.

    • if you want to, check what i answered below. in the guys section.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rnt7Nkkzu0

      I would suspect it's either an error or an attention catcher.
      A bit like newspapers and others use serif fonts like Times Roman, Cambria or other; while a Verdana font is easier to read , some believe that making it a tad more difficult helps people toremember it better.

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  • can you pos some example?

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