Ugh, how to stop being so self-obsessed/develop a better self image? Guys and Girls take very much appreciated? See poll below?

Okay, so this has weighed heavily on my mind for years now and I really want to set it to rest.

I am 16 (close enough; take a couple months), and have weird measurements... 34(ish), 27.5, 36.5 (these are exact). I'm 5'3-5'4, and weigh 129.5 pounds. I'm slightly curvy. There are times when I feel happy in my body- people have said I'm thin or have a small waist. Yet other times I look in the mirror and just locate all my flaws. I have a little flab around my stomach, though not much, and work out w/ core once or twice a week for it. The thing is I can't stop hating my image sometimes. Like I said, there are highs and lows. My biggest concern has somewhat been rooted in something I heard in middle school: guys don't like fat chicks for sex. I like most any other girls want to be loved and get married and all that. Is my body type weird, or unlovable? Am I fat, or do I just have self-image issues? How can I think more positively about myself? All help greatly appreciated.

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Thing is I lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years as well. I mean I am pretty (sorry if that bit isn't super modest) at least a bit, and i am technically healthy according to my doctor. But then again I've seen them lie about healthy weights before so it concerns me...


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  • You may be looking too much into it from the measurements you're giving. Plus the looks only start the attraction. A guy can very well find your looks to be "ok" but not be turned on by you until he gets to know you and you have thing in common and all that. It's only a portion of guys who really expect girls to be a "supermodel."

    I don't think you should let it go in the sense where you stop exercising and all that but I do think you shouldn't let it bother you unless you're having health problems. There's always gonna be something you wish "looked better" on you. So even if you slimmed down to a weight you wanted you'll then find something else that bothers you. It'll just drive you nuts overthinking things and all that. Your slimming down could even cause health problems if you let it get to you and started starving yourself. You don't want that.

    So just keep working to improve your body but focus more on meeting new people to see who likes you for you.


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  • 5'4" and ~130 is NORMAL and HEALTHY



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