What kind of women do you prefer?

I mean about body type and stuff + I would really appreciate if you post a picture as an example :)) I know that everybody has their own taste , but i am interested...


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  • Strong, independent women, who are sure in themselves. looks and bodies are a bonus


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  • I like a short slender girl that I can wrap my arms around and hug tight and kiss softly!

    She does not have to be endowed in the chest area and she just has to have a sweet little butt for patting lol

    She has to be faithful, kind, gentle, and attractive to the point that I can't resist being affectionate with.

    • what is short for you?

    • I am only 5'10" so in around the 5' to 5'7' area works for me :) Cute and petite and full of energy bc I am pretty energetic and positive!

  • with nice taste in music of course

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    • As far as personality- quiet, strong willed, kind and a bit of a twisted sense of humor.

  • Tall, not so thin, with long straight blond hair and blue eyes.
    For example...

    • They all party girls but I'm not into blondes.. I don't know why, NOT SAYING I wouldn't DATE 1, just saying I like dark brown, or black, or even red heads, but who am I kidding! I saw the most gorgeous blonde on Valentine's day in Walgreens Jesus she was breaking necks

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