Tall vs Short Question (its getting to me for some reason). Im 5.7, a bit short. I do gym however and I am aiming to weigh 82kg or so. Will this help?

I am thinking in terms of attraction and when women want "security" in tall men. If I am a little more bigger outwards (in a cut muscular way), would that help my cause? I weigh 78 now and that's close to average 6 foot guys weight. Just curious;)

Hooray for muscle fuel and supplements. I also want presence. I want to walk into a room and capture attention;) Maybe Im a power obsessed megalomaniac (which is fun too)


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  • Don't become a little big man, bro. It's fine, bulk up, but never take steroids.

    And if you're looking to "secure" your woman, forget about bulking up. Muscleheads can't fight. They fold like origami against someone that spent equivalent time training in martial arts that the muscleheads spent lifting weights. Take a serious martial arts class instead.

    • I do boxing;) And im South African... been in plenty street fights. But I need to show some sort of power (maybe its all in my head... I dunno)

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    • You probably right, but I'm not saying that bulking will make me taller, I'm saying that bulking will give me more presence in a different way than height.

    • Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But the way I figure it, if you get bigger sideways it might make you look shorter than if you are slight. I guess it depends how bulky. If you do it without steroids, it's almost impossible to get very bulky, which is why I said to avoid steroids.

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  • My man is 5'7", about an inch shorter than I am. It doesn't bother me at all. I never even think about it.

    • I know.. but it effects me sort of. Like now I am going single and I want to know how much doors my height will close for me? Can I make up for my presence in having a bigger, powerful frame?

    • Well... your height won't affect your opportunities that much. But muscles and bulk never hurt, either.

    • Thanks... that does cheer me up;)

  • I'm 5 3.5 and the guy who I like and likes me is 6 4 .:)))))


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  • "I weigh 78 now and that's close to average 6 foot guys weight. Just curious;)" <--- but you're not the same BMI with a 6' guy you know...