Would you date me based on how I am lookin in my profile photo?

Lately I've been stared by the hottest girl in school and on the other hand the second most isn't showing interest whereas i am..


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  • I wouldn't date anyone based purely off looks tbh...


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  • Not on this site considering almost all girls here are from Western countries. Girls in Western countries don't find brown or dark skinned Indian guys to be attractive.

    • Dude he's pretty light-skinned for an Indian so I think he falls into the good category.

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    • Nope I live in a big america city and I see plenty of guys his color and complexion who get girls. You're thinking more of small countryside towns.

    • @FidemMeam Yet only 2 girls answer his question. And many girls who do date because of how much money they have. There are many brown or dark guys who are well off and when it comes to rich guys, girls forget looks, height, weight, race, skin color, etc because it's a shortcut to an easier life.

  • you look kinda serious in my opinion

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