Is this a stomach pooch/pouch?

In the media, when a celebrity doesn't workout or diet they seem to get this thing that people call a stomach "pooch" (I think that is what it's called.) Apparently it is unhealthy to have one. Is that what i have, or am I just being paranoid? And if I do have one, what does it mean?

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Alright, I think ima go. I don't have any other questions, but thank you to all who answered. GAG has been fun, but there is no reason for me to stay on here really. Maybe I'll come back in the future though :/


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  • a pic could help dude... did you take it down?

  • Belly fat (a 'paunch') is unhealthy if it starts getting big, especially if it becomes a meat apron.

  • Its good.. it;s all good

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