Question about my stomach?

This is going to sound weird, but I'll ask it anyways. See how like part of my stomach is going a bit over my clothes. I was just wondering why that is. Like, it looks fairly flat, but is it really just fat or someting? Is it normal/good that it is like this. How does it look to you?

my weight is normal and stuff, just wondering about that

  • Your (as in me, the asker) stomach looks toned
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  • Your (as in me, the asker) stomach looks flabby
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Like you can kinda see where it protrudes based on where the shadow is in the photo. Is that a good or bad thing or like what is it?
I hope it's toned but lol im lax so it's cool


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  • A little bit but I actually prefer those kind of stomachs on guys :) I like to squeeze and play with it.

    • I see. Yeah, but it's unhealthy and means you die sooner I think

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    • You're not gonna die sooner for being a little chubby. That's if you're obese.

    • Aight, I guess I shouldn't worry then

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