How do I look? Rate me?

Yo dawgs,
I'm 14. Can you guys rate me? And the bigger question, how can I improve?
https://imgu$r. com/Y5XctcX
Take the $ sign out after "Imgu"

I ain't that confident, but I'm working on it. My friends say I'm hilarious, and yeah.

Follow up question:
If you were 14ish would you go out with me? Honestly though.


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  • 1. Smile
    2. Lose the hand gestures

    • Haha just so you know I don't always walk around like that

    • Haha I know :D
      But honestly, so much would go into whether or not someone would like to go out with you or not (i. e. personality, how you carry yourself, how you treat them, etc.) so don't worry about what you can't change :)

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  • ohhh cool bro! *high-five*

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