How do I get my husband to say more than ya when I ask him how I look?

I bought a new sexy night gown which I never had. I ased my husband what he thought & he said ya. How do I get him to tell me I look sexy in it?


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  • I suspect the main reason most husbands don't bother giving better feedback is because they don't want to encourage needy behaviour... and asking "do I look sexy" is Approval Seeking. Of course I think this kind of thing is perfectly okay in a marriage because we choose our partners because we know them, love them, and expect them to support our weirdness.

    It's kinda your job to "train" him how to respond to your temporary neediness. And the best way is to walk him through it, by being super specific.

    Like, "Hey, it's your job to make me feel sexy when I try on new dresses. I know I might seem like I'm being needy, and that's because I am. So let's try this gain stud. Soooooo, how do I look?"

    I mean, hopefully you picked a guy that's already interested in meeting your needs... it's hard to "make" a guy do anything he doesn't already want to do.

    The best place to start is casual open and honest conversations about expectations... that he has, and that you have. Setting up and explaining each other's expectations is pretty healthy and much needed. Too many couples don't talk about these things and therefore feel slighted and resentful... which kills relationships.

    Talk more. And seduce him if you have to. That works as well.

    ~ Robby


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  • Next time he says "ya" put an impish frown on and say "Do you wanna just elaborate on that a bit, huh?"

  • it's up to him basically... you cannot do anything to make him say it :-P


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