Has my body gone soft?

I used to be in at least OK shape, but I feel as though my body has gone soft from not working out and eating poorly.

I notice I have a body like some celebrities who don't work out and people always say they look soft so...

Has it. The profile pic is my body

Thank you :)

Sorry bout weird writing :/

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By soft I don't mean soft skin. I mean like general lack of muscle/excess fat/flabiness- that's what i mean by soft

Answer honestly :)
Seems most votes are for soft :(

Lol jk, doesn't upset me. As a matter of fact I appreciate the honesty
Looks like it is time to go to the gym


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  • i voted A but you look a healthy normal to me


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  • and where is your body dude? :-P

  • it's the freshman 15 it happened to me and i always had a great metabolism so don't worry it's just your metabolism slowing down not having a gym at your deposition but having a bunch of food in your kitchen

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