Do you like freckles on a girl?

ok me again , my little story like all my questions If you look at my profile i am a photography person , anyway i took a nice portrait of my girl on Saturday before she went back to hospital on Sunday but i have noticed in it her freckles have become visible she's naturally freckly anyway because she's got the mc1r mutation since she's natrually a redhead anyway i love them I think it makes her cuter.

Do any others here like a girl with freckles?

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Correct i should say more visible


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  • Not many poll responses yet but I would have expected an overwhelming I <3 FRECKLES result
    Apparently, so far, the guys are all for none... As a girl I can say that I think most girls would think they're cute on one another.

    • Yep i thought that all my girl Hannah's friends think they actually look good on her but she does have to be careful if its too warm or hazy cloud due to high risk of burning her since she's got very pale skin so always wears a tiny bit of suncream.

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    • Wait you're not kidding?
      It's called 'sunscream' in the UK?

    • In a 95% majority yes there a few called sunscreen but a lot are cream I have found they tend to be a lot aimed at kids and young babies.

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  • They can look quite cute on some of them, especially if they have red hair :3!


What Guys Said 4

  • I'm indifferent. I would not include them if I drew my type of girl but I don't dislike them either. Not bothersome.

  • basically i don't even notice them

  • no dont want them on mine...

  • I love them!!!

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