Would you give someone like me a chance?

Mainly for girls.

I'm asking because I've never had a girlfriend and I don't really know why.

My appearance.
Height: 1.77m (5ft9')
Weight: 9 stone
Eyes: brown
Hair: short brown
Quite muscular
6 pack when tense
Straight teeth
Broken nose

I'm quite shy, but very outgoing around friends and people I know. I'm funny (well according to friends and other people), I'm very well mannered and I'm never rude, just cheeky in a banter way, I'm very polite and open doors for people and help people when they need it.

Me as a person;
I'm very physically fit, I'm good at football and currently play in the youth section in a semi pro club (southport fc). I'm quite strong. I know how to do a lot of stuff myself like fix and build stuff as I learnt everything of my dad 😊

I'm 16 and I'm of a polish nationality.
What do you think girls? Would you give someone like me a chance or not?


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  • You sound like someone I might be interested in you but with out seeing you and getting to know you it is hard to tell. I also don't know what 9 stone means. :p

    • 9 stone is around 70 kg. 1 Stone = 7.5 kg

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    • Underweight? You gotta be joking! The thing is I have very fast metabolism. I have tons of food daily however I fail to put weight on!! do you get what I mean?

    • Ya I thought you seemed to light for your measurements and age so I looked up your approximate BMI (I obviously have nothing better to do with my life haha) and you are in the 19th percentile. The lowest you can be and still be "healthy" is 5th but the highest is 85th so you can see what I mean by being low on the scale. It doesn't take into account muscle and stuff either so it is 100% accurate. But I totally know what you mean. My brother is 15 and like your same height and probably close to the same weight. He is really really small but he eats like a big grown man. :p I would just suggest keep on eating the amount you do and not less. And the more you work out the more calories you need as well. You probably knew that but that could be a factor as well.

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  • you sound like someone i would date, however i will have to judge ur personality by myself


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  • if you're 177 cm then you're 5'10"

    and 9 st is ~125 lbs so i guess you should put on a little bit weight, for HEALTH reasons, unless you're metabolism is like that :-)

  • You will get a chance.

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