What do I need to work on?

Hi, I've been trying to get into shape as I used to b super skinny. What do you think I need to work on? (chest, abs, arms?)

I'm 14

and I'm 5'6

and 51.8 kg

(I know I'm light but that's why I'm here)


by the way. I'm not fishing for compliments. I'm not hally with where I am now and just want advise for how to advance. So please keep any discouraging or hating thing to yourselfs


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  • If your going for pure size and strength then I would recommend 3 set exsersisers of 6 reps have the weigh low enough that you can reach at least 4 reps. But high enough that you reach failure on the sixth rep, meaning the weight is so heavy you can not go past six reps. This will allow you to gain nice size, by the way your already making good progress.


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  • Eat more protein, and try strength workouts for arms chest back etc, it's better to work the whole body so it's even than leaving one out. Bodybuilding. Com is a great website for looking for exercise needs. They made websites that are based on your preferences

  • You might have fast metabolism, I would try eating grains and dairy. That's what I've been doing to gain a little weight.

    • I eat about 5 kg of rice every two weeks or so

      and am constantly drinking milk

  • Work on your arms and chest a bit bore


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  • It depends on your goal bro...

    If it's size then get more/heavier weights, go for a lot of time under tension and sleep and eat lots:)

    If it's to strengthen your cardiovasular system.. Do more cardio specially HIIT cardio.

    Apart from any of that you look great bro ahah keep up the good work

  • are you sure you're that light?

    you look like ~130 lbs (58.5 kg) judging by your pic if you're 5'6"... not as light as you mention.

    • I'm perfectly sure

      I'm 5 foot 6

      and weigh 50.1 kg