Opinions from girls on my looks?

Would I be able to get some opinions from girls on my looks/general attractiveness? 1-10 if you want? From my profile photo would you be able to point out anything I could easily change in order to be more attractive in your opinion? Do I have any particularly nice features, what are they? Any other advice/feedback appreciated.


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  • Im a dude, but Im a dude with swagger who has never gotten shot down.

    What you have in your favor:
    You're not fat, your face is not unattractive. You don't dress like a total bum.

    What you don't have in your favor:
    First, the beard. Either lose it or master it. The disheveled virgin beard does not work. Either grow it to a specific length and keep the sucker groomed, or go clean cut and take care of your skin. Lazily grown, unkempt scraggly beards work for VERY FEW women. Also, you are not smiling. Smile, and smile often. Rock your chompers and if they're scuzzy, get them fixed. Smiles indicate confidence and confidence indicates swagger. Swagger is attractive to women. Taking care of yourself is also a form of displaying swagger, so whatever style you choose to rock, rock it with confidence. The girls will take note.

    So don't go asking what you are on a scale of 1-10. You have nothing inhibiting you from being a 10. So tell yourself you ARE a 10, and do for yourself that which you think a 10 would do. As you make the choice to be a 10, so shall you become a 10.

    Just my two cents, sir. But you should not be having trouble picking up ladies based on looks.

  • i'm just wondering what's inside your cup :-P

  • You look fly ;)