Basing it on my username, what do you think I look like?

I've never posted a picture of myself on this site, so as a little fun game of finding out how others might imagine me to look like basing it on my username :)
Most closest/exact description of me will get MHO!

Okay in terms of looks you must guess:
Skin colour
Hair colour and length
Eye colour
Or any distinct features you think I might have

This ends at 10.36pm on 5th March 2015. Good luck!

The reveal!

I am Caucasian
Light blonde hair that just goes past my shoulders.
Brown eyes
Between 5'3 and 5'4
I am 7 stone.
Extinct feature is a small birth mark under my right eye


Most Helpful Guy

  • White skin. Long-ish brown hair. Brown or dark-ish eyes. 5 foot 4 inches approx. Slim build.

    • Got 3 of them right xD

    • So I actually got the most answers? Haha. Maybe I'm psychic :-P cos I had a pretty strong feeling about everything I typed and weirdly I didn't have to think about it too much either haha

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  • Imma give this a try with my super powers.

    You're a light brown-ish colored skin with dark hair not super long, but kinda long. Your pretty smart but excell at going out and getting things done with your hands. You're maybe 5'3" and have brownish green eyes. You're built pretty tough but not stocky. However, you're not skin and bones either. Slight tummy fat. Nice personality with some good fighsty ness. Not afraid to get dirty and a little out going and willing to make new friends.

    • Hmmm in terms of the looks you got 1 right, as for personality I'm nice and caring (if I wasn't I'd be questioning why I do what I do at work :p), the last line is dead on but the others aren't me, I'm more of an indoor socialite.

    • It was worth a try 🐓💨

  • You have white skin, blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair. height of 5'5", weight 127 slightly athletic with a tattoo. Maybe a nose ring.

  • i cannot tell by some username :-P

  • Your skin is green and you have big eyes. Close?

  • After reading this I really want to see you

  • 0|1
    • Nowhere near close but good try :)

    • Liar!

    • 1 of the things on the picture applies to me. Other than that, I don't look like her. If you're going to be petty and childish please take it elsewhere.

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