What would you be like if you were the opposite gender?

How would you look?
How would you dress or do your hair/makeup?
How would you treat the other gender & expect to be treated by the other gender?
Would your desired career change?


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  • I'd be a sexy bitch.
    I'd probably dress as sexy as this lettuce is green.
    I would change my hairstyles all the time. I have naturally wavy hair when it gets longer so I think it would be fun.
    I would expect to be respected and I wouldn't let anyone treat me differently because I'm a woman. I'm not really into traditional gender roles.
    This may sound weird but I think I'd be into casual sex if I was a woman. I can't really explain why though..
    Hmm nah I'd still be interested in engineering of some kind. Plus being a woman would be advantageous because they accept more women due to there being less of them in STEM fields.

    • Yeah but women are notoriously treated like dirt in the STEM fields ESPECIALLY the one you're in :P

    • @commiedearest yeah there's that unfortunate obstacle.. :/

  • Cute af.

    Go for a goth, hippy, metalhead, plain or girly look because I now have a ton of fashion options, yay. ^_^

    Disregard males, acquire currency. That is, until I want a guy, then I have my pick of the litter. Maybe string a guy along while he pays bills until I'm done studying and don't need him anymore. Also #lesbian, because the union of two females is so very right and is the highest moral good.

    Nope, there are at least a couple of income supplement type things I know of that would mean the government and universities practically throw money at me just for being female (and doing STEM courses).

    ... and she lived happily ever after. I might rethink having kids though or at least go with a surrogate.
    Fuck that mess. Good luck with that ladies.

  • I'd be a legitimate GOLD DIGGER

    I'd Dress like a 2 dollar hoe

    Expect to be treated like a queen LOL

    Screw a career since I'd use my pussy to get through life taking while taking advantage of all the naive men out here that are tricking hoping to get laid

  • i'd masturbate in a different way


  • still blonde with blue eyes, prob shy girl but wear like casual clothes. Id expect to be treated a lot better than as a guy and would keep my desired career

  • I don't know I wish I could find out though.

    I think I would be tomboyish but still love to dress up and be girly once in awhile
    I would still treat people how I want to be treated
    career change I'm not sure..

  • I think I would be suicidal.


What Girls Said 2

  • I do imagine if I were a dude, I'd be the type of dude that female me is attracted to. A total fuckin' dick.

    • Just think of how many sensitive poets are waiting in the corner, breezing cold through alleyways and wearing their hearts in cigarette smoke, while you lolligag and chase after trains of testosterone!

      Oh, for shame! Oh, for shame!

  • I already know a guy that is practically the male version of me.

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