Puffy nipples - "gynecomastia" - how much of a turn off would this be?

So the single big thing that has stopped me pursuing relationships and girls through school, college, university.. through life.. is my chest. I have this idea that one of the manliest parts of a man to a girl is the upper body; strong back and chest, etc.

I have a hormonal condition called gynecomastia that is completely harmless, but it means I have really puffy nipples that awkwardly stick out and generally just do not look normal. They're soft and big and very obvious.

From a female perspective, how much of a turn off would this be? If I was to take my shirt off (I've never felt able to so much as take my shirt off in front of people) and unveil my different looking chest, what would you think? Every time I've gotten close to a relationship I've ended up pushing the girl away so I didn't have to face taking my shirt off. Ridiculous, I know.

Please let me know, and please be honest.

Thanks :)


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  • Gynecomastia really isn't that bad from my point of view, do you have breast growth or did it only affect your nipples? If you have breast growth from it I'm fairly certain that can be reduced with something similar to (or maybe even just) a mastectomy, and I believe at the same time it would change how your nipples look, but I'm not certain on that

    • There's not much breast growth I don't think, a little soft tissue but mostly it's the hugely puffy nipples that irritate me haha. Maybe I'll get them looked at one day, but it's pricey.

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  • i've got "gynecomastia" now because i was obese in the past, but girls never complained about it

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