I'm either having a little body dysmorphia or I just don't see it. I am 5'8 130 lbs with a 32 D bust, 25 inch waist, and 38 inch hips. Am I hourglass?

According to online shape calculators I am an hourglass but I feel like and get comments that I look more top heavy. I do have a 29inch undercuts measurement so my boobs look big but my hip measurements are so much higher you'd think I'm JLO but im not. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issues?

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  • We have very similar measurements, and yes I'd say your were hourglass... I do have a little B. D. D... so I get it


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  • I would agree that you are a hourglass by what you say on here. Without seeing you that is my personal opinion. They can get much bigger and you still won't look top heavy. Things like their shape or how they sit on you can make things look different. Unless a doctor say there is something to worry about though, you shouldn't worry yourself about it. The two questions you should ask yourself are: Am I happy with my body? and Am I healthy? If both of those are a yes then you're good to go. If you answered no then talk to a doctor about it. Otherwise, I would say you're a normal woman and have nothing to worry about.

  • Hourglass. Your bust and hips are similar with a 12 inch difference compared to your waist

    Now what are you gonna do with this info if I may ask?

    • With this info I can have some idea what I look like. I used to be 50 lbs heavier with a different shape completely so I have a hard time knowing how others view me. I beat myself all the time looking at models/celebs can't decide whether I need to lose more weight or gain more muscle. I don't see a small waist when I look in the mirror. I'd be happy if I were a pear or bustier but the truth is I don't feel like I'm that shapely but that's because I've always wanted a smaller waist!!

    • Okay. I see. You shouldn't put so much pressure on yourself. That could lead down a dangerous path

  • i cannot tell without a pic... go anonymous if you feel more comfortable that way, and post a pic of your body so we can tell ;-)


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  • You sound like a mix between hourglass and pear just because hourglass tends to be a-b-a where a>b but you have a-b-c where a>b<c; a<c and pear is a-b-c where a<b<c.

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