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Here is another picture with clean and combed hair. Also, one woman has mentioned she believes she can tell what "type" I am by looking at my photo. If you think you know what "type" I am, I would be very interested to see your opinion below.


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  • u can get better ratings if u style your hair nicely

    • I had just awakened. That's true. I also don't have a professional headshot. I'm not an actor or something.

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    • I don't really have another one. It beats putting myself on a motorcycle, standing in front of an expensive car next to a nice house, or wearing classy glasses. Those would all obscure the results in the other direction. I want to know how beautiful girls think I am, not how much they love money.

    • thumbs up for thought

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What Girls Said 3

  • The cowboy look suits you :)

    • I thought about not using that picture, since that's a nice hat.

    • Then I decided that no one would know it's a nice hat, unless they were a very specific kind of person.

  • Doing better I see.
    Haircut, glasses, show the fancy boots & jeans, buckle, maybe a horse in background and I'll bet your poll will improve the most.

  • You're not ugly by any means, just not my type.

    • How do you even know what type I might be?

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    • * physical appearance attracts strangers*

    • Right, that's what I'm saying. What kind of personality do you think I have? :P
      I couldn't really tell that about myself from these two pictures.

What Guys Said 1

  • i guess the cowboy hat suits you better...

    though i don't wanna be mean... it seems you've started balding :-/