Opinions on girls who use waist trainers/cinchers?

I have to admit I am in love with waist trainers.. I'm 5 ft even, 112 lbs and I work out... But I also use a waist trainer to get the curves that every girl wants.
It's very common for girls in my home country to use waist trainers but what about you guys? How would you feel if you found out a girl you are with uses waist trainer?

I will continue using it, so don't bother posting how bad it is for you, etc. I've already heard it all and choose to use anyway. :)


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  • I prefere someone who is naturally proportionate. Slightly wide hips are always nice but when it looks unnatural/someone changes themselves in such a way then all it would tell me is that they are too insecure.

    • I don't find using a waist trainer to be a sign of insecurity, it's more like an enhancement technique in my eyes, since I'm not a whale trying to make my waist smaller without working out lol

    • To me, the fact that someone feels they need to enhance themselves is insecurity.
      A little makeup? Fine. You like it. I like it. Not harming anyone.
      Physically altering your body in unnatural ways (further than exercise would) then I'm not into it

    • So I take it that you're not into girls who get breast enhancements? hmm well, to each his own :)

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  • i don't m, ind basically... hope you'll be satisfied with your results!

  • Not all guys want big butts. I honestly just don't want a flat butt but I don't want it to be big either. Just a normal one :3


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