How do you boost your self esteem when you're not feeling or looking your best?

I'm in the process of reinventing myself, but what are tips for being confident in the mean time, when you just don't feel your best?


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  • continued optimism always helps. self reinforcement through affirmations will really make a HUGE difference. i. e. wake up and tell yourself it will be a good day. look in the mirror and talk to yourself, remind yourself how beautiful you are (even if you dont feel it) just do it! do this several times a day and eventually you will feel it in your body & it will match the vibration of what your soul already knows.

  • Wake up ans tell yourself you today better then yesterday, and tomorrow will be even greater. i reinvented myself and I doubted myself a lot during that time; I felt so lost; I was looking for who I wanted to be.


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