A man in a suit with earrings... What are your views?

Not a stud, but a single tight silver hoop (noticeable, but subtle) on both ears, used as a style accessory with a neatly cropped and trimmed beard, with a well fitted suit which sports a pocket square and cufflinks?

And would someone with an oval shaped face be able to pull off earrings?

I'm in the process of restyling my wardrobe, and am considering getting my ears pierced so I can add that to my list of possible accessories to accentuate my new dress code, but i'm curious on the general topic of men with earrings.

Fire Away!!!


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  • I think... Where are my pliers. But that is just me.

    • On some people it looks incredible, and they pull it off really well. Others can't, and it just looks stupid and incredibly feminine. I believe i can pull it off, and won't be something i wear everyday. Like a tie, it'll be used here and there to add depth to the appearance but not worn everyday.

    • not convincing me... but hey! You might be just fine.

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  • Stay away from the earrings.

    • Actually, if you're by any chance a lot similar to Rob Thomas, then get your ears pierced right now!

    • Well, i'll put myself out there and link you a fairly recent pic (as in within the last 8 months), then you can say yay or nay. Like i said, i'm still working on what works, and what doesn't but having second opinions never hurt no body :)

      here's the link, although I'm not sporting my beard here, but i'm sure you can use your imagination :)...:

    • Nope, forget the earrings, they're not gonna be cool for your.

  • Don't do it.

    • Please elaborate...

    • Makes you look like a... Fuck boy.

What Guys Said 1

  • earrings -> yay
    suit -> nay

    • lol what's wrong with a suit? A man in a well fitted suit is a man dressed for success... or do you mean the combination of suit and earrings?

    • nah... it's just me... i hate suits like hell

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