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Im a chill, relaxed, gentleman that works out and stays fit, i talk smoothly and approachable... i even help people with their problems and I've changed the negative thoughts of ones who wanted to commit suicide. i have a nice smile, i am 6'2" , and have good hair and hygiene. I like to dance and i am very athletic and funny, yet i am single? What are you girls really interested in? im that nice guy that can be freaky and play mean to a girl but im still a "no deal". What do you girls like?


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  • Let me let you in on a little secret.
    You could be the NICEST GUY in the world in the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD but if you can't find the girl that matches you... NONE OF it matters.


    You're prepared. Now... it's either time to CREATE an opportunity or wait for luck to come.

    Your choice.

  • "genteman"? come on dude.. you're not 56... you're a 16 yo boy!!! you don't need to be a gentleman... i guess that wouls turn girls off basically!

  • Umm I don't know maybe you're ugly or creepy ^^

    • haha nah im good bruh nun of that ugly... it dont run in the family line, both sides

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