Are my odd natural eyebrows terrible?

To girls: Are my eyebrows unfixable?

I tried to go to a salon but all they can do is thread some, which doesn't fix the odd pointed hairs. Also by tweezing the sparse messy part, my brows become too small and pointed..

To guys: Will my eyebrows turn you off?

I didn't really care about this before, I never paid attention to how my eyebrows compared to anyone. However, one day during high school (I am in college now), my crush told me my eyebrows make me look like a freak out of nowhere. Ever since, I've felt very self conscious..


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  • well i can see a fantastic shape there=]
    u have the arch which is awesome. now it depends on if u like ur brows thick or thin. i say leave everything at the top and remove the stray hairs at the bottom to help define the lower edge of the arch u have goin on.

    when i first started out, i used to literally draw the shape i wanted to achieve, kinda like a template. then anything outside that, id just pluck. so with u, this shape would look nice. i see u being able to achieve this:

    so with an eye pencil, lightly draw this shape and trust yourself. [if u dont just go to a pro and show them an image=]
    anyway, keep plucking till u get the shape. if u feel ur hairs are too light, u can fill in ur brows. i use eyeshadow because it looks natural, unlike pencil to fill in.

    hope this helps=]


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  • i guess they're ok... you don't need to feel insecure basically


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  • I would remove stray hairs above and below the brow and, if you don't like the shape, fix it with an eyebrow pencil if your eyebrows bother you.

  • They should be shaped. If it would make you feel better.

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