Am I atractive Yes/No?

Am I or am I not attractive don't care who answers and how they answer its no matter to me

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Added a better picture. Can't see my face from the other one.
I also didn't use the picture with my abs showing as I felt it was too toolish and would make some opinions biased


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  • Just your hand if it seems like you're throwing up signs or something it's kind of a turn off. That's just my personal opinion however you have a very handsome face :)

    • I do that mostly because I don't smile, for me it feels less awkward because takeing a picture I like is one thing, putting it out there is another thing. If you can't tell, I'm pretty f***king shy lol.

    • My first impression was that you're very serious lol but you're cute show you're face you handsome devil! And I'm honest and straight forward so trust me lol

    • Thanks, much appreciated :)

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  • although your face/hair are kinda hidden... you odn't look bad basically

  • Can't really tell when you have your finger up your nose.

  • How should we know?

    • I didn't really expect any guys to know, just wanted to leave the question open to all sexualities as I'm okay with that.

    • That's not why I said that. You had your hand over your face.

    • Yeah I changed it now, sorry bout that.