Should I lose some fat?

(I know I'm not fat, I'm just wondering if I have a little excess stomach fat is all)
Not weight, but rather fat. My abdomen is kinda squishy. Here is the photo

As you can see the area is sort of lumpy. It's not muscle I don't think

I don't know, what do you think?
Sorry about the pic, I wasn't comfortable showing my belly button so I blurred it out :/

My stomach isn't flat either
So what do you think...
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Seems divided. I'm trying to get into shape. This, so far, is no help
comment why you answered what you answered. Anon is fine


Most Helpful Guy

  • Lose all the fat.

    • then I would have 0% body fat and would die as soon as I got sick

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    • That MUST be it!

    • why else would you do it. Unfortunately you're anon because you don't even have the guts to show who you are. Im anon too, but I don't leave perverted comments on people's posts and use my anon status to get away with doing so

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What Girls Said 1

  • belly button tho :D
    but i think you don't Need to loose weight

    • Not lose weight, just some fat in the stomach area. They are different things. I know not to lose weight

    • Should I lose some fat in stomach area or no?

What Guys Said 3

  • again... PIC-IS-BLUR-BASICALLY :-P

  • What do you eat?
    Do you practice any sports right now?

    • I eat fairly healthy
      No I don't do sports
      what do you think, flabby or tonec

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    • I hate fish
      17.5 years old... I look young, but I'm 17 1/2

    • If you want to get in shape by 20, I recommend you start with cardio now. You can start doing crunches and exercises for your back, if you haven't got any injuries to your back. Also exercises for your biceps and triceps - using your body weight for that by doing push ups is good enough. (general mistake is people believe they should only focus on the part they want to improve and is why they most likely will fail)

      Hating fish is a bit troublesome - since fish is one of the better sources of good diet

  • haha whats the point in hiding belly button

    • I don't know. Just made me feel uncomfortable I suppose.

    • may be u have a dirty one :P

    • No, it makes it harder to identify the person in the photo... belly buttons look unique. The rest of your stomach... could be anyone basically

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