Does anyone know what sort of makeup goes well with turquoise eyes?

Sometimes when I do my makeup it doesn't look great... Any tips?


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  • First of all, you have beautiful eyes!!!

    Ok so I think a simple look would go beautifully with turquoise eyes. (simple does not necessarily mean 'natural' but it can if you want it to...

    So here are some step-by-step instructions on how I would do your makeup:

    Apply a light-medium coverage foundation to your face. You can blend it in with either your fingers or with a damp makeup sponge for the easiest and quickest results. Also apply a concealer on any blemishes or imperfections (if you have any) and under your eyes (if you have dark circles). Set your makeup with a light dust of powder on your t-zone. To get a nice flush, apply a peachy blush on your cheekbones (do this lightly with a nice soft, fluffy brush so you make sure that you don't look like you came from the 80s lol).

    Apply a champagne-coloured eye shadow to your eyelid up to your crease. Add a light taupe or beige shadow to your crease to give you a bit of definition to your eye. Then take a deep brown (or black) eyeliner and line your upper lashline. Start of thinner towards the inner corner and gradually increase the thickness of the line as you reach the outer corner of your eye. To finish off the line give it a slight upward flick. Next add a generous coat of mascara to your upper lashes and lightly coat your bottom lashes as well.

    I would go for either a nude lip (you can decide if you want to go for a completely nude lip or one with a bit of a peachy-pink tone to it) or a natural lip colour. You can do this by applying a lipstick of your choice and if you feel like it, you can top it off with a clear or matching lipgloss.

    This will give you a really pretty look even if you're not that experienced with makeup. It's simple and will really allow for your true beauty to shine through. I hope I helped and Good Luck, Sweetheart!!


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  • Personally I prefere as little makeup as possible, but I don't think that that's the answer you're looking for

  • why don't you keep your eyes natural? it's better that way basically!


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