Do you think I'm attractive?

I'm currently sixteen... I'm 4' 11"1/2, I weigh 113 llbs., I'm a 34B, and I wear size 4 in shoes :) I don't wear make up and I have dark brown hair up to my waist ( its wavy from the bottom) and I have a mix of gray and brown eyes.
I am really into Star Wars, lord of the rings, bravest warriors, anime, and larping, i love going to comic con, cosplaying, and rpg games :3 I'm really smart and I love to read and write :) I've been told that I'm really awesome, sweet, and beautiful :3 now my boyfriend is really into minecraft and he's geeky too but in all honesty should he be more appreciative? I've been called a geek's dream and I'm just wondering if he realizes that?

I guess I added a profile pic :3


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  • Yes, you are not 'boring' .

  • size 4 in shoes! holymother, your feet must be tiny

    and like, your description is attractive?