Am I skinny-fat?

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I know I'm skinny (too skinny, way too as a matter of fact, but that's another issue.) However, I've been hearing about something called "skinny-fat." Even though I'm skinny, I have some fat on my sides. Is that what skinny fat is? Am I skinny fat? Or am I just being paranoid?

I know I look young, I'm a late bloomer. But I really am 17

Here's the picture. You can follow me if you want (I'll be updating my progress via instagram) (remove the spaces)
https://ins tagram. com /p/0D fGW3qDVL/? mod al=true

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And also, if you know any workouts or have any tips for how to gain weight in muscle/get into shape comment below, I'd love to hear them :D
I really appreciate the responses. When you ask quesitons on YA you just get a bunch of trolls. I like this community a lot more :)


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  • Yeah that's skinny fat alright for sure. Don't worry about losing the fat just worry about putting on muscle. Presses, rows, squats, deadlifts, and lunges. Lotta carbs and protein. Lotta sleep.

    • But doesn't skinny fat mean you have a lot of excess fat? In which case, shouldn't I burn the excess fat because it causes health problems? Or am I skinny-fat more because I lack muscle

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    • Sandwiches work well. 4 slices of lunch meat and a slice of cheese make it about 300-400 calories. Make sure you're getting fruits and vegetables. Highly recommend eggs for breakfast. You can do protein shakes just no more than 2 a day. Spread it out, aim for 6 small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism fast and efficient.

    • Alright

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  • no, not so much

    • Not skinny-fat? Majority of people say I am

  • I never really saw a Body like this ;o

    • Though I appreciate comment, that doesn't really help me :/

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    • I think so ;o

    • alright, thank you for the input. Can you add your vote to the poll

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  • for the sake of others.

    and I can't really tell, its a crappy picture to go off of because of quality.

    • Phone camera, so the quality isn't great
      Thank you for linking it :)

  • even withut the spaces it doesn't work basically

  • Marksmith is right. Just lift weights and athletic training. The fat will burn off as you build muscle

    • Alright. Can I do cardio as well, provided I am doing the weights? I was thinking weights and strength training :/

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    • High intensity seems good. I suppose I can find a bunch of exercises and put them together in my own exercise routine rather than paying for one

    • And if you do want to pay for one, which I do recommend if you're new to working out, then I suggest P90X. And make sure you eat enough. Some easy protein is whey and it's not that expensive.