Makeup? Man with low confidence and too shy for my own good. How can I change?

Im Mexican/American. My parents and family are all fair skinned, and so am i. But in an effort to darken my skin a bit, i got sick and extremely sensitive to sunlight.

Now i have burned/damaged skin cells, they appear on my face, neck, arms and back. And they seem to be fading away (albeit very very slowly) and it's made me very very sad and self conscious.

I don't go out anymore, i dont seek relationships, i look away from people, and im terribly shy now.
I've been to dermatologists and they say it'll go away with time and prescribed me some weird kind of cream. Its working but its way too slow.

So im wondering if i should wear makeup to cover it until it heals. I have some very important events to go to soon, and i don't want to go because pictures are unavoidable and mandatory (a wedding and a few birthday parties) i look terrible in pictures and i hate my appearance.

Please help guys and girls.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Be confindent you don't need to hide or wear makeup.

    If seem like your the only one that
    Bother by your appearance.

    You probably think it is wrost then
    It actually is, we always think we
    Look wrost the we actually look


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What Girls Said 2

  • Keep using the cream and don't do whatever it was to get your skin damaged in the first place. Confidence goes a long way in being attractive:)

  • U need to change on the inside. love urself, and others will follow :)

    • Thank you, I've been doing that, i love myself and j have friends and such, its just something bothering me deep down and makes me sad. My friends basically just ignore it and they love me, but still. Its there everytime i see myself.
      Understand me? And thanks for your opinion 😊

What Guys Said 2

  • To be honest bro, Makeup would only make things worse, everyone would be thinking ''Why dafuq is that dude wearing makeup'', and you will recieve just as much attention as if you never wore the makeup.

    Whilst i wouldn't say you isolate your self from society (A bit radical), Just simply. Dont give a flying fuck what others thing. If some obnoxious ass hat wants to judge you let him, he's only wasting his own life doing so.

    Life is for living, so fuck it, When you're 95 and on your death bed you will look back and think ''Boy i was silly for worrying about that''.

    In the words of every hipster ever

  • basically try to embrce your body as you are without using make-up and stuff like that... i guess that would be the best solution basically!

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