Why would he sleep with Her?

She's kind of rude. So one time I noticed nobody gave her a marker so I handed her mine so she could go up to write something on the board but she said "I already wrote my idea." And I said "you have to write 3" and she said "yeah I did" but I'm Pretty sure she only went up once. And another time this guy slammed his chair around MY desk and SHE gave him a glare. It wasn't even HER desk! She doesn't talk to anyone and seems stuck up. Sometimes she's nice. Another time she was doing a presentation in class and she gave her partner a look (he is friends with the guy she slept with) when he wasn't looking.
The guy she slept with is pretty nice usually, outgoing, funny, smart, and soooo hot.


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  • i'd say you're jealous of her... relax :-)

  • This just screams jealousy. I would have glared at the guy too for horseing around. abd it's not like she was being rude to you when you offered your pen.


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