I'm not an emo?

My friend said I don't appear emo, I just act it
What do you think?
I'm actually 18, see other threads or profile

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Most Helpful Girl

  • "emo" stopped being a thing like 5 years ago. whatevs.

    • It's actually still a common thing, but it's changed, now it's more just about style and called scene
      Emo is about being emotional, which I am

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    • Scene is more based on looks as I said
      Emo is about being emotional, and expressing yourself
      Whether it be cutting, writing, or going off alone
      I myself cut die to family issues, but scenes are what I call wannabes

    • riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, ok.

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What Girls Said 2

  • You look like a human. That's what I can discern from your profile picture. And using emo as a way to describe a style isn't very prevalent anymore.

    • Depends on where and what you mean
      Scene had taken over mostyly

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    • Apparently Asker thinks it's prevalent...

  • You look scene, and I would know I'm scene, it's just the way you dress

    • And we're not wannabes us scene well maybe just me but I really love this style not trying to jack the emo side of things and act like one

    • If I knew you personally I could probably tell what you were pretty much instantly I'm bad at using my eyes to see how someone is

    • I'm usually depressed 24/7, yet I am very pervy, and use that with jokes. I can be a downer, but I'm really fun. Meh

What Guys Said 1

  • your hairstyle is emo-esque but that's not a bad thing dude!

    • I've been growing it out, but just the bangs