Just to know : do I look ugly or not good looking what so ever?

How do I look please? Do I look really bad or weird? People stare at me a lot and I feel like a joke


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  • I see what you're doing here and I'm not going to knock ya hustle BUT i1127.photobucket.com/.../...ba31-c3f971f87a29.jpg LOL

    • Wtf? Nigga don't act smart on me , dafuq is wrong with you niggaz on GaG?

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    • ok man you are right

    • @gapminder HE DID RIGHT.. I don't blame him

      @asker it's nothing personal BUT HEY next time just ask "what do y'all think of me ^^" and it seems a little more legit because let's be honest/I say this all of the time "good looking people know damn well that they look good, right?" well more times than not at least since if they didn't already know, their peers/strangers would chip them in on it ^^

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  • You're quite obviously not ugly. You're pretty cute :) Maybe people are staring at you because of your awesome hair.

  • your ok I guess


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  • you look fine dude... donn't worry!

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