What is up with my midsection?

I didn't want to show skin because basic internet safety protocol suggests that is a bad idea. I'm just wondering because part of my stomach curves out. Any idea what this would be? I'm skinny, so I can't have a belly or fat (skinny people burn fat hence why they are skinny)
Anyways if you know, tell me down below

Where the red arrow is pointing


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  • You are skinny fat haven't you ever seen those starving skinny kids in Africa?

    • I don't look like that, and my stomach isn't that distended, but what is skinny fat? Maybe I am, but could you explain it to me

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    • Alright, I'll do that. It might be gas... which isn't necessarily better

    • Haha yeah gas sucks

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  • perhaps a hernia. Is it soft to the touch and you can push it is? Or is it hard?

    • Soft to the touch

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    • well if you can PINCH it, it might just be a layer of excess fat (which can happen even if you are skinny)

    • I can pinch some, but less than an inch. I've heard less than an inch is normal, an inch or more is fat

  • why don't you show? you're anonymous so you don't have to be afraid ;-)

    • Afraid of what? You? Yeah, I'm TERRIFIED of you... come on dude

    • Oh I see you mean I don't have to be afraid of posting your stomach
      I think this pic is sufficient for the quesiton
      Sorry about my previous response I thought you were accusing me of being afraid of you

  • It's called "A Spine".

    • Yeah, but I don't think your spine would cause a specific part of your stomach to curve out like that. I mean where it curves out not the whole thing. I hardly know anything about fitness and health, but I do know that much

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    • I don't think so...

    • If only reality worked that way.