Do I look alright? (stomach question (s)?

Someone said I might have gained some fat around my stomach, just wondering if it is noticeable or not. Be honest, is it noticeable in this picture? Where the red arrow is pointing is the area which I am referring to

Showing no skin cuz internet safety

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Not FAT, but can you see some fat... should have worded it better
You can tell me honestly (comment below I encourage it) I'm just relieved it doesn't sound like a tumor or anything myself, fat is much preferable to that :D


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  • Why are you wearing a black shirt if you want honest opioions?

    I can't even see because the whole picture looks black

    • Expand it. I don't want to show skin, and the area and the question don't need me to either. It is a wetsuit so it clings so you can see my body but I don't have to show it, which is dangerous on the internet

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    • You look alright. I don't think you are fat. :)

    • I'm not asking if I am FAT, I know I am not FAT, I'm asking if I have some belly fat where the arrow is pointing. Someone else said I did. I know I'm not FAT as a whole

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  • nopic dude... you took it down already...

  • It looks ok, some body fat can easily be covered with small clothing.

    • Yes I am aware of that, but I was more asking if I had any to begin with