Flat stomach, yes or no?


My stomach used to be flat but I feel as though it isn't. I am just wondering if that is or isn't the case. Respond below for how I can make it flat. Thanks

I, the asker's, stomach is

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Respond if you vote in poll if i can make it flat thanks
Everyone who is asking me to show my stomach without a shirt are all pervs. If you knew anything about internet safety you would know exposing skin on the internet is a bad idea


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  • Not flat but not bad either. Hard to tell but I'd guess a good 14 days on the gym doing core work will flatten it out.

    • 14 days is all it takes? Didn't know it could be so quick. I know next to nothing about this fitness stuff

    • Well, 14 days of core work and healthy eating.

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  • You have already asked this question? If you want a honest opinion its probably better to use a picture where you're not wearing a black shirt because you can't really see if you have a belly or not because black is a slimming colour.

    • Does the area that the arrow point to curve out or is it flat. I'm not showing skin

    • looks the same without a shirt. The shirt is actually a wetsuit which clings to the skin, so it shows the outline of a person's body

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  • Maybe show a picture that actually shows your stomach rather than something that looks like you put your favorite t shirt over a sack of flour.

    • That is my stomach... So if you assume I have a sack of flour underneath, then you think it isn't flat. Alright, thanks for the response
      That's a wetsuit. It clings to the skin. I don't need to show skin to get answers for this question

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    • Easy way to know is tighten you abs and pinch the tissue on top of your abs. Can you grab a handful or just a little? If it is fat it is on top of the muscle. If it is gas it is under the muscle.

    • Just a little

  • not visible basically...

    • Sorry? I don't get what you mean